Ilaments Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Hoop Earrings Giveaway

My friend Lisa Rocha created Ilaments, a jewelry line that is inspired by her Mexican and Native American cultures. Ila“, which happens to be Lisa’s middle name means “one who takes on challenges” in Hopi. Some of Ilaments pieces have a misplaced bead, which symbolizes our imperfections and reminds us that we are not perfect like the Creator. 

Each Ilaments piece is soft, romantic and edgy at the same time, making it a key accessory that can brighten up any outfit! Lisa has been kind enough to offer a pair of Day of the Dead sugar skull hoop earrings (pictured below),  to one Nina on the Moon reader. 

Giveaway is INTERNATIONAL and closes on January 31st, midnight PST. Winner will be announced on Nina on the Moon Facebook.

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    Lovely, trendy and chic. Pretty nice.

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    Lo siento mucho pero no tengo facebook, otra vez será. Besitos.

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    De hecho tengo una calavera mexicana para tatuarme dentro de bien poquito! Ohhhhh, me encantan las calaveras!

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