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Good morning! Today I would like to introduce you to my friend, Ana Guajardo, owner of Cha Cha Covers, a beauty and accessory business featuring nail decals that pridefully derive inspiration from Latino and global cultures.

About Ana: She is a creative entrepreneur, a professional in the arts and a single mama. She began crafting about ten years ago making light switch covers with similar images to those she uses on her nail decals (Cha Cha Covers). I guess you can say she likes to cover things with bold and beautiful images that celebrate her culture.

She also has line of decorative mirrors and earrings. Her latest creation, Cha Cha Covers came to her as a whim of inspiration as she was surfing the web with her 5 year old daughter checking out nail art. She realized there was something missing in the images she was seeing (the awesome art of Mexico, Africa, India and the Middle East)- and that there was a huge space to fill in the nail art world. It took her some months to engineer her idea, working away on late nights like a mad scientist after long hours at her day job and being on mommy duty. Ana is so grateful for all the out pour of love and appreciation she has received through  her Etsy store, Cha Cha Covers

“I especially love when people thank me for making something that resonates with their culture. It makes me proud.“-Ana Guajardo.
About Cha Cha Covers: Ana celebrates the feminine with products that express from the inside out and resonate with roots and the cultural landscapes we reign as queens!

I think women love any opportunity to make a statement through fashion, make-up and clothing and nails seem to be the new canvas where identity and style can be expressed. As a Mexican-American woman, I love bringing to this craze images that draw inspiration from global and ethnic cultures and seeing iconography on people’s hands that resonates with me as a Latina! Some of the decals I design are very subtle, but have very significant cultural and historical messages. The sugar skulls nail decals I design are not only visually compelling but they carry meaning and speak to the very beautiful Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead. I make Frida Kahlo decals as well, because she is such a universally loved Mexican artist who inspires and provokes.

All of that captured in the tiny canvas that is a woman’s set of nails, AND on one of the most expressive parts of our bodies- our hands! Considering this, it makes sense why the nail art trend is so prevalent. It’s a very exciting trend and I love being a part of it. – Ana Guajardo, owner Cha Cha Covers

Ana is giving away 6 sets of Cha Cha Covers to ONE lucky Nina on the Moon reader! 

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